Fulfillment, Shipping, and Returns

Fulfillment and Shipping
Product orders are fulfilled within 2-7 business days. Please note that product shipping time is separate from fulfillment time. Shipping can take an additional 3-7 days after the order has been fulfilled, depending on your location.

Return policy
Products that we sell are made to order. This means that each order is custom-made; for that reason, we cannot accept returns or offer refunds. We only accept returns if the product is damaged or has a defect within 14 days of the delivery date noted in our system. For a return to be considered, you must email a description and picture of your defective or damaged item to assessmentlife@gmail.com. Once an agreement has been made, the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. When Assessment Life, LLC has received the returned item, the price for the item purchased, taxes, and the original cost of shipping will be refunded at that time.